First Water, A Scapa Healthcare Company, is a leading designer-manufacturer of advanced wound dressings and skin adhesives. First Water joined the growing Scapa Healthcare team in 2015. 

First Water is known for its range of proprietary solid polymer gel technologies. These gel systems are biocompatible, transparent, adhesive, breathable, cushioning and superabsorbent. They can also act as vehicles for the presentation of therapeutically active substances. All these features make them particularly suited to use in designing high performance skin-contacting devices for a multiplicity of clinical situations. 

We employ this technology, and our expertise in the design and manufacture of complex skin-contacting devices, to provide our B2B customers (typically leading healthcare companies in the Medical and Consumer markets) with unique and compelling products under their own brand names. 


About Scapa Healthcare

Scapa Healthcare is a global strategic outsource partner of turn-key, skin friendly adhesive solutions for the healthcare industry. Scapa Healthcare partners with market leaders to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize innovative medical device products. Scapa Healthcare operates within three market segments: Advanced Wound Care, Consumer Wellness and Wearable Medical Device markets. Its technology portfolio includes Soft-Pro® skin adhesives and Bioflex® high performance materials.