Our patented foam dressings incorporate proprietary super-absorbent polymers. These polymers, when present in a foam-based composite, significantly improve a dressing's ability to absorb and retention fluid. They also significantly improve cushioning. Our bordered and borderless PU foam dressings are all available with silicone adhesive. Please contact us to receive literature and samples. 

Fibre-based composites

Our patented Fibre composite dressings wick away wound fluid, and hold this fluid at the back of the dressing. This minimises the risk of periwound maceration. These products have class-leading fluid handling characteristics. They are available with or without an adhesive border, and with a selection of gelling fibre materials. Please contact us for availability in your market.  


FW Hydrocolloid dressings are based on CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose) particles embedded within a super-absorbent hydrophilic matrix. As a result they offer a step-change in performance across the 3 criteria against which hydrocolloids are typically judged: absorbency, transparency and odour. Please contact us for more info. 


We are well-known for our Sheet Hydrogels dressings, which are widely used by clinicians for the treatment of painful, stalled, or sloughy wounds. These products are able to absorb significantly higher quantities of wound exudate than typical sheet gels. 


Unlike typical wound contact interfaces, our next generation of wound contact interfaces are hydroactive. So, they'll help clinicians manage pain and slough, but are capable of allowing excess fluid to be transmitted through to a secondary absorbent dressing. Clinical work starts in 2015. Please contact us to register your interest.  

Superabsorbent dressings

New FW-designed foamed superabsorber dressings are coming to market in 2015. These combine the fluid handling performance of typical SAP dressings with the flexibility and softness of PU Foam dressings.