At FW, we push the boundaries of what it means to be a wound dressing manufacturer. How? By engaging with our partners at many more levels in the value chain than our competitors tend to. From polymer design through to marketing, regulatory and IP support, we are there.

Projects can be as simple as producing a standard FW product with your artwork, or as complex as the incorporation of a proprietary active compound. In the more complex cases we work on pre-defined, funded programmes. In these instances goals, an IP framework, and commercial terms are mapped out up-front. 

Since we can manage only a finite number of new developments at one time, we limit new projects to those that are likely to add the greatest long-term value.

Whatever the nature of the development, we hope you will find our style to be open, creative, professional and collaborative. To discuss potential new opportunities please contact us.

Our recent acquisition by Scapa Healthcare is an exciting new development. It gives us direct access to a large global manufacturing infrastructure, and an exciting new range of materials, capability and expertise throughout the Supply Chain. At the same time, we remain committed to the same philosophical approach, to be your trusted business-to-business partner.