All FW consumer dressings are available in a range of standard sizes, and can be supplied with your own branding as an option. 


FW manufactures footcare dressings for some of the world's leading footcare brands. We make many millions of these dressings each year.  Our range of footcare products benefits from FW patented gel technology. These transparent, adhesive dressings provide class-leading cushioning, and maintain a moisture-balanced skin environment. Please contact us to receive literature and samples. 


Typical adhesive bandages and plasters designed for household burns have been simple non-adherent barriers. FW burns dressings, however, are based on soft but structured polymeric gels containing 50% water - so they actively cool the skin. This cooling provides pain relief. And because the gel rehydrates and cools the skin, the risk of blistering and subsequent breakdown of the epidermis are significantly reduced. Maintaining a moist wound environment helps to reduce the chances of scab formation and thus reduce the risk of scarring.

Please contact us to receive literature and samples. 

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FW Cuts & Grazes dressings are absorbent sheet hydrogels with an integral clear polyurethane film overlay and border. The gel contains 30% water. It has been formulated and designed to provide a soothing, absorbent and protective barrier. These products help to provide an environment for optimal wound healing by managing wound exudate levels and protecting against wound dehydration and external bacterial contamination. 

Please contact us to receive literature and samples.