• Is First Water a contract manufacturer?

Our in-house competencies ranges from clinical understanding, through polymer design, product design, engineering and conversion, to regulatory expertise. We don't typically work on projects where we are simply manufacturing a product designed and developed elsewhere. If you have a product you're looking to have converted, let us know, and we'll happily point you in the right direction.

  • Does First Water sell its own brand products into the market? 

No, we are solely B2B. Everything we produce is sold by our customers, under their own brand names. This strategy allows us to access many diverse markets concurrently, allows us to focus our limited resources on Development and Manufacturing, and ensures that our customers know we won't be competing against them in the market.

  • Does First Water CE mark its own dressings? 

We have the capability to CE-mark our own products. We are registered with BSI and have ISO 13485:2003 accreditation.

  • Where are your products sold? 

Our customer base is mainly in EU and the US. But several of these customers supply throughout the world.

  • What does First Water mean? 

First water is an expression, meaning highest quality. Its use comes from the gem trade, when the finest diamonds were referred to as being "of the first water", since they were as clear as the clearest drop of water. 

  • How many people work at FW? 

About 60. See the careers section if you're interested in joining the team.