FlexPore Contact is a new hydroactive wound contact dressing. 

It has been designed to enable clinicians routinely to take control of a wound’s healing trajectory from the earliest possible stage in the treatment process, while minimising the risk that the process of stimulating the wound will lead to problems caused by excess wound fluid.

Its patented soft gel formulation pulls together all of FW’s experience in polymer design, with a view to encouraging the development of a clean, painless, active wound bed. Like our most advanced sheet gel dressings, this protease-modulating, patented Pro-ionic™ co-polymer is able to absorb and retain significant quantities of wound fluid, and actively manage protease activity and ion balance above the wound.

In addition, FlexPore Contact features a unique macro + micro aperture structure, which allows any excess fluid to be channelled up and away from the wound. This, coupled with the dressing’s gently adhesive nature, is designed to help seal around the wound, and to minimise the risk that excoriating wound fluid will spread to the fragile periwound.

These features all combine to offer clinicians a new tool to encourage stimulation of the wound healing process, while minimising the risk of excess moisture build-up around the wound.