FW's patented Pro-ionic™ polymers, can be incorporated into any FW product. In clinical use, they are associated with wound stimulation and the management of pain in painful wounds. They allow our customers to make additional product claims, such as protease modulation.

Pro-ionic polymers were developed using the biomimetic principle. They modulate proteins and ions of wound fluid in a manner that mimics aspects of the behaviour of the highly sulphated glycosaminoglycans (HSGs) (e.g. heparan sulphate) found on cell surfaces and in the extracellular matrix (ECM). 

Within the environment of the chronic wound, amongst the many imbalanced and dysfunctional components (proteases, protease inhibitors, cellular activity) are the HSGs. Without properly functioning HSGs within the ECM, healing processes are compromised. 

Through the use of biomimetics in the design of the sulphonated co-polymer structure used for Pro-ionic dressings, properties similar to those exhibited by naturally occurring ECM components, such as heparan sulphate, can be conferred.